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  • In 1850 (Qing dynasty, 30th year of Daoguang) Catholic Jesuit established a new system school, called "Xuhui Public School (College)"  in the western suburbs of Shanghai Xujiahui. The first graduates, although only 10 people, including Mr. Ma Xiangbo, who was the founder of Aurora University and Fudan University in Shanghai. His brother Mr. Ma Jianzhong was the author of the famous classical "Ma¡¦s Wen Tong". At the beginning of foundation, in response trend of the times, Xuhui Public School attached such subjects as French, painting, and music, etc.
  • In 1889 (26th year of Guangxu ) provided for compulsory subjects as French and science.
  • In 1904 (30th year of Guangxu ) added the subject English. Students could choose either in French or English. Students of the higher degree could also choose arithmetic, physics, history and geography, all of which were taught in French.  With the foundation of ROC, according to the Ministry of Education, Xuhui Public School awarded the new academic structure and changed to a four-year secondary school.
  • In 1932 (21st year of ROC) has also changed the old  four-year high school system into three-year middle school and three-year high school. Give school formal name as "St. Ignatius High School."
  • In 1937 (26th year of ROC) During Eight-year War, St. Ignatius High School in the occupied areas, still against all odds, continued school.
  • In 1942 (31st year of ROC) St. Ignatius High School was taken over by Xuhui Alumni Father Chang Bo-ta, who paid high salaries to recruit maestros teacher, raising huge sums of money on grants for students, for teachers. School was flourishing and the number of students increased to 900. Principal Chang was the pioneer who divided the students into liberal arts and science since they were in the second grade of high school.
  • In 1945 (34th year of ROC) in April, the Japanese imposed new school buildings and some of the west campus, school was in a hard time. Chinese government got victory over Japan in August the same year. In October, Sacred Heart of Jesus return to the auditorium, and school revived the momentum.
  • In 1948, (37th year of ROC) started an additional career division plans to cultivate students to receive personal interest and aptitude for education.
  • In 1951 (40th year of ROC) Principal Chang was martyred in prison. Fortunately, the school name of St. Ignatius High School and school history were still standing unwavering.
  • In 1962 (51st year of ROC), Xuhui alumni in Taiwan to set up alumni associations. Minister of the Judicial Yuan Mr. Xie Guansheng was elected as chairman.
  • In 1963, (52th year of ROC) in April, alumni Zhu Tianjian served as school principal to preside over matters related to re-school. Which owned an area of 3.3785 hectares. On August 7 ,Department of Education approved the filing. On August 11th the entrance examination was held. Because Ge Yue Li typhoon, school began on September 17 school. The model of education by the Shanghai Xuhui was transplanted in Taipei.
  • In 1996 (In 85 years) Since the reconstruction,five priest principals, Zhutian Jian,Shan Guo-xi,Zhu Bing Xin,Chen Jin-Chang,Xia Jinbo, are conscientious, strive night and day; from the perspective of "service of faith, promoting justice", they were engaged in education. The five priest principals created an environment that enabled every student experience the atmosphere of being loved and being respected.
  • In 1996 (85th year of ROC) Mr. Dai Rongjia took sixth principal. He inherited the spirit of Jesuit education, and wholeheartedly encouraged in the whole school to follow the example of Jesuit education in the spirit of sacrifice and dedication to foster school unity and harmony. All the colleagues in St. Ignatius High School followed the spirit of ¡§no arguing, no clamoring¡¨. The faculty had the capacity to withstand the vulnerability of students and to take on the pain of students. We were confident that St. Ignatius High School, in the fine tradition of the cornerstone,will be able to continue to foster more of excellence for the country, will be able to shed the glory of Jesus Christ.
  • In 1998 (87th year of ROC) February 21, the second principal in Taiwan Father Shan Guo-xi accepted canonization of Cardinal of Pope John Paul II in Vatican in Rome. All teachers and students in St. Ignatius High School were in joy and gratitude and, more to be in good faith to practice "Sacrifice enjoyment. Enjoy the sacrifice."to meet the motto of St. Ignatius High School ¡¨¡¨
  • In 2000 (89th year of ROC) in November Shanghai Xuhui Middle School celebrated the 150th anniversary of founding. Principal Dai Rongjia led a delegation to congratulate and the two sides signed a letter of intent and strengthen two-way communication. Both sides agreed to strengthen exchanges and enhance contacts.
  • In 2001 (90th year of ROC) in September, after two years of efforts, St. Ignatius High School finished shaping the vision and the concept of vision into the subjects of teaching and the various activities .All teachers and students tried hard to implement and practice vision of St. Ignatius High School together:

¡@To foster Christ's love as our life principle
To dedicate ourselves to developing the minds of youth

To live a life to the fullest

To strive for excellence

To commit ourselves to the service of humanity

And the promotion of justice in a spirit of caring

  • In 2001 (90th year of ROC) in November, principal of Shanghai Xuhui Wang Jinsong led a delegation to Taiwan to participate in St. Ignatius High School 38th anniversary in Taiwan, getting further understanding of St. Ignatius High School¡¦s freedom and democracy, respect for life, love, and the essence of education.
  • In 2002 (91st year of ROC) six 7th graders such as Kai Kang won School Internet Fair Platinum Award, world's highest honor with the work of "revive the ancient city of Taipei." Teachers and students were called in and encouraged by President Chen. teachers and students got a great success in the national competition to obtain outstanding results in recent years in science, English and IT education . Besides, they often participated in international competitions on behalf of ROC.
  • In 2003 (92nd year of ROC) To meet the goal of 40th anniversary in Taiwan, and all celebration activities were focused on "safeguarding human dignity" as its theme and carry forward the spirit of Christ; St. Ignatius High School campus re-planning was initially completed and approved by the board.
  • In 2005 (94th of ROC) To establish an international perspective, St. Ignatius High School started the preparation for future competitiveness. Alumni Chou Hsi-wei was overwhelmingly elected as mayor of Taipei County.
  • In 2006 (95th year of ROC) Second principal Cardinal Shan Guo-xi was awarded First Class Star Medal by President Chen Shui-bien, to form the cardinals 60 years of Taiwan's education or religious sacrifice and dedication, and fruitful. School principal Dai Rongjia was invited to participate in Honors and Awards Ceremony in the Presidential Building, sharing the glory and grace.
  • In 2007 (96th year of ROC) School Dragon Boat Team was led by Principal Dai Rongjia, two coaches Zhu Feng-liang and Li-Chilong, to Sydney, Australia, on September 15. On behalf of the Republic of China in 2007 IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) World Cup Dragon Boat Championships , they won the second prize of the youth group 100-meter sprint runner-up.
  • In 2008 (97th year of ROC ), St. Ignatius High School¡¦s reactivation in Taiwan has been for 44 years. St. Ignatius Building project was approved by the board in March and will be expected to be completed in September 2009, which will enhance the quality of teaching and learning environment and space for student activities.
  • In 2008 (97th year of ROC) in July, Principal Dai Rongjia retired, succeeded by alumni Mr. Chen Haipeng as seventh principal, continuing towards a new era.
  • In 2009 (98th year of ROC)In July, the new St. Ignatius Building was completed. The name "St. Ignatius Building" was to commemorate the ancestor of Society of Jesus. Cardinal Shan Guo-xi was invited in school anniversary in November to celebrate the foundation of the. This building cost 350 million, including the basement and eight stories on the ground, spreading like a book to encourage students to study hard. The main wall, with "IHS" Latin as a symbol , carries forward the spirit of education of Jesus "deliberative self-reflection," "distinguish seeking magis", "serve groups", " promote social justice".

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